Mid-Day Prayers

At mid-day, I am Yours

In evening, I am Yours

At sunset, I am Yours

At night, I am Yours

At midnight, I am Yours

In the middle of the night, I am still Yours

At sunrise, I am Yours

In morning, I am Yours

I have always been Yours, I will always be Yours

I live and have my being in You

I thank You for breath

I praise You for Life

And I wait

And I rest

In You

Because I am Yours

Glory to the Father

And to the Son

And the Holy Spirit

As in the beginning and before

Is now and Forevermore



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One response to “Mid-Day Prayers

  1. Jane

    Went looking for the name of a pair of birds that have a nest with chicks in a hole in my house and found you. Enjoyed your post and the Mid-Day Prayers. It’s 2:06AM now so I’ll have to visit again later today.

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