Resurrection Thoughts: Easter Day 9

Yep, it’ still Easter! I hope you’ve been meditating on the Resurrection of Jesus, because I have.

On this day (the first time around) the resurrected Jesus was still walking around and hanging out with his followers, eating with them, teaching them, praying with them. The real deal. The real Jesus.

No wonder Peter and the rest of the guys went out on a limb and risked their EVERYTHING to proclaim who Jesus was and that God had raised him from the dead. See, they didn’t just get to see him for an intense moment,  or an evening on “Easter Sunday” before watching Him ascend. (Though that would surely have been enough!) No, they spent WEEKS with Him– the resurrected Him– touching Him, listening to Him, laughing with Him, spending time with Him for Forty Days before He ascended.

When the apostles and those early started proclaiming that Jesus was alive, they were not referencing some quick experience on a “holiday weekend” that might be easily doubted later. No, they had 40 days with the Son of God who had been really, brutally crucified and who had been really dead, and who was really alive again. And it changed them.

Make no mistake: the believers received the POWER to fulfill their mission on Pentecost (Acts 1:8), but I believe the weeks spent with the Risen Jesus prior to that prepared them for that day. They would not have been ready for the power without these amazing days with Jesus.

In a word: WOW.

P.S. Reflect on 1 John 1:1-4 in the context of Eastertide (the days between Easter and Pentecost).


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