Today’s Thoughts

I suck at blogging.  No, wait. I suck at actually logging on and typing actual posts.  So, yes, I guess I do actually suck at blogging.  It may be that God and my wife are my only readers anyway, so maybe it doesn’t really matter! : )

Meanwhile, here’s some other randomness that’s been rolling about in my head:

Today is the Sixth Day of Christmas.  Almost no one cares.  But I care.  I actually care about the whole church calendar, not just Christmas and Easter.  The Big C and E actually POP with more life and meaning when lived into in the context of the whole Church Year.  I actually think that the whole “problem” of Christ being minimized or secualrized out of Christmas is largely due to the evangelical and protestant churches de-emphasizing the Church Year.  Ok.  I suppose that’s another blog post.

If Cookie Monster was from Britain, would he have sung “B is for Biscuit, that’s good enough for me…..”?  Yep, probably would have.  (I already twittered this one today. Follow me on Twitter. Just because.)

I almost never spell CALENDAR right the first time.  Or COMMITTEE.  Can you spell CALANDER?

Going to see The Dark Knight tonight with my bro-in-law.  Finally!  And why is it, when Batman and Superman are the coolest, does DC Comics have such a not-so-much internet presence?  Marvel is kicking their butts on web, Twitter, Facebook, you name it.  Creating community.  Making me want to come back.  And buy their comics.  Oh!!– there it is.

Why do we tend to value BIG and BETTER and FLASH in church when God seems to value and use: the small, the last, the least, the weak, and the poor?

Why do we never “claim the promises” from the Bible about suffering, rejection, and persecution?

Why do I have to go back to work now?  It’s all good!  I really like my job.


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