Countdown to Advent (2)


Advent starts on Sunday.  Thanksgiving was awesome for me; I hope it was for you!  But the best is yet to come!  Advent… the Coming… of Messiah… of the Light…

What was it like before He came?  What was it like before Jesus was born?  The Jews had the knowledge of God, and they had the Scriptures.  But there was so much they were missing.  And the prophetic Voice had been so long silent… and what about the Romans?  Had God forgotten His people?  Would there be any change?  Darkness….

And what about us Gentiles?  We had nothing.  There was the revelation of the True God all over the creation, but we were missing it.  We had our gods and were fumbling along as best we could…  Darkness….

Then God started pulling things together, like the pieces of a Grand Eternal Puzzle.  Angels started appearing.  Old prophecies began to speak again, and a fresh Voice could be heard for those with ears to hear.  And the Light of the World was hidden inside the womb of a virgin… until the Day… until Bethlehem… until the appointed Time.

Re-read the prophecies.  Re-live the moments.  Feel the tension… the expectation… the straining of spiritual eyes in the darkness… and Believe.

Dominus illuminatio mea!


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