Holy Halloween?!

Hey, here’s a thought (for you like two and a half people that read this blog):  What ways can we “do Halloween” that will show people God’s love and the grace of the gospel?

The top four options (as I have seen it) that Christians and churches have historically chosen are these:

  • withdraw completely and be condemning of Halloween.
  • create an “alternative celebration” at the church building: geared toward getting the kids out of trick-o-treating… or towards “reaching out to the community”… or some combination of both.
  • participate in Halloween festivities, parties, TOTing, etc. but just without the “evil” emphasis (no ghouls, witches, scary stuff, etc.)
  • participate fully in Halloween.

Any new ideas?  Any ways we can go out and among the folks that are doing a regular ole’ Halloween and bring the kingdom?  Show God’s love?  Shine some light?  Outside the walls of the Church?

And, if you are NOT a Christian, if you are not a “church” person: what do you think?  What do you think of the ways Christians have done things around Halloween?



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6 responses to “Holy Halloween?!

  1. Barbie

    I don’t care for “hallelujah night” parties, but I’m not hiding out in the dark in my house to avoid the possible five trick-or-treaters, either. Our job is to love.

  2. Jim Mast

    To me, Halloween is for fun.
    LIFE is what’s scary!

  3. DOTR

    as far as I am taught, God knows my heart, as well as the heart of my stepdaughter[she is 5]. we went TOTing, and had a ball.we also gave out candy to all the little ghouls as we ourselves were out and about. the comment of the night was” I have never heard of anyone giving their own candy out”. which my response was “just showing love in practical ways”. hmm, where have I heard that before. don’t be so afraid of actions that are done out of love, for without it, we are nothing.

  4. Brian

    Awesome comments, Y’all! I love your non-religious hearts…

  5. theolotech

    Halloween is part of our culture. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and show people how Christ has overcome, darkness, evil, etc. I too have written a short article about Halloween showing the pro’s and con’s. Feel free to check it out. http://theolotech.com/

  6. Jeff Murto

    I was at an Indianapolis Pacers game recently and saw the mascot shooting t-shirts out of some kind of pneumatic, plastic, tube-gun thingy and thought that it might be cool to use one of those to shoot “tracks” at tricker-treaters ….or maybe not. Just an idea.

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