Pre-Election Angst

Hey there.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of being tired.  Of the election.  Of the hype.  Of the rhetoric… and the ads… and the junk mail (from Elephants and Donkeys), not to mention the myriad of emails clogging up my inbox exhorting me to “Please read before you vote!”  As if I haven’t already heard that this candidate– or was it the other one… oh, no wait… it’s the other other one– is going to bring America (or the State, or the City) down into horrible, immoral, defeated, and impoverished times.  Sigh…..

Please pray.  And vote as your conscience and your sense of God’s leading dictates.  But if you’re all jumbled up, and concerned, and thinking that the nation, our way off life, and the Church is going down the crapper if a “certain candidate(s)” is elected, then STOP.

My wife just pointed me to this post below.  Please read it.  Seriously.

Help the Church. Vote For A Madman.


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  1. Barbie

    Hee-hee. Good. Really good.

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