Ok, I skipping church (the Sunday meetin’) today… because I need to.  I have felt like I’ve been more or less running on fumes for a couple weeks now.  You know, you work all week, and spend every evening dealing with kids’ homework and showers and lunches (oh my); add in a home group meeting and/or a band practice; plus on-going various and sundry chores… go to a work conference over a weekend… repeat the race from the previous week plus my wife has the week from hell at work…  ahh, life in these United States.

Anyway, little to no Sabbath over the course of about three weeks= body, mind, and emotions start grinding gears, marraige gets strained, responses are snippier, parenting is less patient… you know the drill.  Solution:  Stop.


Listen the the signs (um, no pun intended… maybe) that your soul and body are giving you, and hit F5.

I was able to get in touch this morning with the fact that, though I have walked with God, done my daily prayers, and tried to keep up, that my focus has drifted… drifted away from the Center and onto all the STUFF zipping by, flying in my face, and urgently bouncing in front of me.  This morning I have told the Lord that I am giving myself to him and to the mission for which He has called me.  I’m not here for working a job, or going to church, or doing this or that (or this or that); I’m here for the mission, for “planting a church” (whatever that will look like), for the gospel, for the kingdom.  Yep.  There ya go.

Ever need to hit F5 in your life?  Refocus the purpose?  Tell us about it if you want.


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One response to “F5: REFRESH

  1. Emily Gilly

    Amen, brother. I am so there right now. Your so right on. God has given us all these awesome missions and it is way too easy to get distracted. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for both of you. It’s so exciting!

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