Obama, McCain, and the Holiness of God

Ok.  Obama and Co. had a rousing convention.  Obama had a powerful speech, revealing that his amazing agenda for change is not really anything new, but more or less the same plans that the Democratic party and so-called “liberals” have had for many moons.

Meanwhile, John McCain struggles with identifying with the standard Republican fare, on one hand needing to have that conservative support base, on the other hand truly being the odd ball that will stand for what he thinks regardless of the party dance.

Enter Sarah Palin.  Good choice?  Bad choice?  The media has already laid out the debate.  I don’t know.  Time will tell.

Standing in worship yesterday, singing about the holiness of God, I was struck once again that, well, God IS holy.  In our polarized left-and-right, liberal-and-conservative, political environment– where despite claims and calls for “change” and “reformation,” things continue to stay essentially the same– where is God?  Where is Yahweh?

Yahweh is holy.  He is set apart.  He is totally other.  He does not and will not fit into any human being’s system, party, agenda, or rhetoric.  He will not submit to any of the neat boxes (political or otherwise) into which we would like him to go.  God is not a Republican, nor is he a Democrat.  God is not a liberal, and he is not a conservative.  (For that matter, he is not a capitalist– or a socialist– either.)  He is who he is and does what he wants to do.  And it is he that causes leaders to rise and fall in the earth.

I am comforted, as the political hype will continue until November (even with the RNC in low gear because of Gustav), that Yahweh is not impressed.  As we work for (or vote for) the people and the policies that seems right to each of us (and I think there is good and bad on both sides), may we all keep the perspective of God… and not dare to equate any man (or woman) and the policies they espouse with the policies of God.


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