Watching the Diversity Channel?

So my wife sends me a link to this article from the NY Times (ahem, here).

It’s all about how the most culturally and racially diverse place on TV is kids TV.  Disney Channel.  Nickelodeon.  Yep, it’s true.  It’s sure as heck not prime time, though I would certainly admit that things have gotten better over the last 20 years.

Hey I have a 9 yo son and a 5 yo daughter, and they watch Disney and Nick.  And I’m a witness to the fact that there’s a lot of diversity on there.  Not the in-your-face-I-have-an-agenda kind of diversity (usually), but the kind that makes it seem like it’s normal to have friends and know people and value people that have different skin colors and accents and cultures and styles and dress.  Hmmm….

So here’s my question:  have you ever noticed that God often uses the world… the secular culture… to prophesy?  To proclaim His heart and purpose to the world?  (In case that aggravates your theology, re-read that “God talking through the unclean donkey” story again.)  Not that everything in culture bears God’s message, but there’s alot (in MHO) that does– if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Or the question this way:  why is the media reflecting the heart of God in terms of valuing people of all colors and cultures, and the church (for the most part) is still the most flippin’ segregated group of people in the universe?

I’m not going to argue it here– many have already stated the case.  My question is what are we doing about it?

Read this too to bookend the NY Times thought:


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