My Top Ten: Favorite Bands

In no particular order:

1.  Iron Maiden

2.  Metallica

3.  Stryper

4.  Black Sabbath (Ozzy years)

5.  David Crowder Band

6.  Boston

7.  U2

8.  Vengeance Rising

9.  Tourniquet

10.  The Beatles

What about you?



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4 responses to “My Top Ten: Favorite Bands

  1. christiangadfly

    Wow, not an easy list to make, but in no particular order:

    1. Iron Butterfly
    2. The Doors
    3. CCR
    4. Chicago
    5. Queen
    6. Three Dog Night
    7. Blood, Sweat and Tears
    8. Beach Boys
    9. Eagles
    10. Herman’s Hermits

    So, does that age me?

  2. Wow…who would have thunk it! I knew you liked it hard, but Tourniquet?! That totally adds a new dimension to you, bro. Kudos

    here’s my (current) list

    1. Third Day (surprise, surprise)
    2. David Wilcox (the early stuff)
    3. Sting
    4. James Taylor / Neil Diamond (tie)
    5. Kutless
    6. Van Halen (the early stuff)
    7. George Frideric Handel (REALLY early stuff)
    8. Harry Connick Jr.
    9. Toby Mac
    10. 3 way tie: BS & T (Blood, Sweat & Tears – David Clayton-Thomas Era) / America / Seals & Crofts

    BTW, had lunch with Teller yesterday. Talked about you. We miss you.

  3. Brian

    Believe it! If Pantera and Disturbed were a bit more positive, I’d listen to them all the time! Vengeance Rising is even “harder” than Tourniquet; check ’em out if you can… Thanks for missing me (it’s good to be missed!)… I miss you guys too, and it’s good to have lasting friends!!

  4. Brian

    Hey ChristianGadfly, your list doesn’t age you any more than mine does! I knew I was in trohble when they started calling the 80’s “classic” rock!!

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