In brief, I have accepted a position with a company called Leadership Team Development, Inc. (LTD) and I will be starting Monday.  Praise the Lord!!!!  This is basically a glorified customer service position (answering emails and phone calls) and I will only be making $12/hr.  However, $12 is surely better than $0, and there may be other positions in the company that I could move into.  (Meanwhile, I can still be looking for other opportunities!)  LTD does seem like a really neat, positive place to work, and it is pretty openly a Christian company.  I am excited about starting!!
So… this may not be the stopping point, but it is a good next step.  THANK YOU for all your prayers and support!!!!!!!!!  Many blessings!!!!!!!



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11 responses to “UPDATE 26: I GOT A JOB!!!

  1. Laurie Guerrettaz


  2. Whew Hoo! Congrats! I’m still keeping you on my prayer list 😉

  3. Cleda Carreon

    Praise the Lord!

  4. Stef Covert

    Woo Hoo!!!! I’m so excited for you! Praise God for answered prayer!

  5. Dan C.

    Congrats, bro –

    Hope it’s more than you expect and keeps you encouraged and flush!


  6. Julie Maddox

    Praise God!! Still thinking of you and your family… and consider in wonder what God has ahead for you!!!!

    Love, Julie

  7. Jonathan Bricker

    ALL RIGHT!!!!! PRAISE GOD! thats awesome man 🙂

  8. amyloublog

    Great news Brian!! So glad that burden has been lifted for you.

  9. Joy

    YIPPEEE!!! So happy for you!

  10. mary ford

    GOD is good………..!
    Looking forward to what GOD has in store for you at LTD.

  11. Bryan P

    Congrats, dude
    Now sit back and watch God work. Thinking about you and family and still saying a prayer for you guys.

    God Bless

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