Shuffle your iPod, Dude


Ok, I dare you to try this… and then blog about it (or at least tell someone about it).  Take your iPod (or MP3 player), put it onto shuffle mode, press play and then LIST in order, the next 20 songs that it selects. You don’t have to listen to them, just list them.  This is not original with me; my wife did it first, and I think David Crowder did it before that.  So obviously all the cool people are doing it!  (C’mon!  It’ll be fun!)

Here’s the catch– NO CHEATS!  (Translation:  That means you can’t hide the fact that you have Barry Manilow or Sesame Street’s Greatest Hits in your player.)

Are you ready?  Here’s my Shuffle:

1.  We Will Dance w/ Joy to the World– Travis Cottrell, et al

2.  The Test For Leprosy– Tourniquet

3.  Against the Law– Stryper

4.  Moanjam– King’s X

5.  Romanze, from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik– W. A. Mozart

6.  Come Away– Scott Brenner

7.  Rnw@Y (Backyard Bangers ft. Phoenix Orion)– Linkin Park

8. The Lord’s Holy Spirit (Armenian Liturgy)– Bulgarian Orthodox Chant Sampler CD

9.  Responsive Reading 1– Travis Cottrell et al

10.  I Love the Lord– Petra  (Petra Praise)

11.  Saving Grace– Steve Jones  (Playlist: Stand in Awe)

12.  Dysfunctional Domicile– Tourniquet

13.  Take Me In– Petra (Petra Praise)

14.  Soldiers Under Command– Stryper

15.  You Are Mighty– Jeremy Sinott  (Winds of Worship 3: Toronto, Canada)

16.  Forever– Chris Tomlin

17.  The Practice of the Presence of God (section 5)–  Brother Lawrence (audio book)

18.  Mission– King’s X

19.  How To Pray For the Sick– Rick Evans (from Fresh Fire For Healing conference)

20.  To Hell With the Devil– Stryper

Do it.  Shuffle it.


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One response to “Shuffle your iPod, Dude

  1. Dan C.

    1. Simple Token – Jessica Ketola (Dwell)
    2. How Great – David Crowder (Illuminate)
    3. Don’t Come Around Here No More – Tom Petty
    4. 5th Symphony, Beethoven – Warsaw Philharmonic
    5. Pleasing to You – Desperation Band
    6. Heart of Earth – John Boswell
    7. Dwell – Various (Dwell CD)
    8. We will worship you – Micke Fhinn (Desire)
    9. True Colors – Cyndi Lauper (My wife made me do it, really!)
    10. You are God Alone – Phillips, Craig & Dean
    11. Out to Play – Paul Dondero, Windham Hill Piano Sampler
    12. How Can I keep from Singing – Chris Tomlin
    13. I Don’t Like Mondays – Boomtown Rats (David Geffen)
    14. Stand in Awe – Jeremy Riddle
    15. You’re Still the One – Shania Twain (Uh…)
    16. I will change your name – Michelle Higgs/Healing Rooms
    17. Surrender – Vineyard UK
    18. Superman – Five for Fighting
    19. Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
    20. Trading My Sorrows – Darrell Evans

    That was kind of fun. Of the 305 songs on my iPod, I was surprised all my 80’s hits missed the shuffle. My next ten were fun, too — Survivor, Loverboy, … Good fun, Bri.

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