Weekly Worship Warble: March 3

Here’s some other good new worship music to be checking out:

1.  The new Passion CD was released earlier this month, called Passion: God of this City, and though I haven’t heard the whole thing (money’s tight, y’know), Tracy downloaded some of the songs (pre-release) with some podcasts from some Passion ’07 events.  Some very good songs here; God of this City is an amazing song of intercession that I can hear in the mouths of many in the days to come!

2.  The song, “God of This City,” is originally by a band called Bluetree; you can check them out here and can download their recording of the tune (and others of course) at iTunes.

3.  The other new music to dive into is from a band called Fee (see their MySpace page here).  Steve Fee has been heard on some of the Passion recordings, and his heart for worship is heard loud and clear on the album, called We Shine.  There are several fantastic songs here, including All Because of Jesus, We Shine, Glorious One, and Beautiful the Blood.   All of these are very doable in the church.  Also on iTunes.

May the Lord God give us all hearts of worship, and passionate, devoted abandon for the glory of His name!!  Live to worship, worship to live.


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One response to “Weekly Worship Warble: March 3

  1. Totally agree about Fee. One of the best worship albums in a while. Awesome stuff.

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