Spam of the Day

I, like so many in the world, have an email account.  I use Gmail, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  Their spam filters seem to catch and delete unwanted items much better than any other service that I have used.

Nevertheless, even the really good cannot be perfect.  Lately, I have been getting some more or less regular email from a company or two very interested in my sexual health.  For some reason, this company seems very concerned about the size and duration of my erections, and they have products that they say can help.

While I’m flattered at this sudden bit of attention, I have some concerns of my own.  First of all, my sex life with my awesome wife is going pretty well, thank you very much, so I am disturbed that someone has referred me to this company in error.  Second of all, the companies that keep contacting me all seem to be in need of proofreaders; most of the representatives who email me have a lot of trouble spelling!  If I was inclined to seek help in this area, I would be much more likely to go with a professional company that could spell VIAGRA or LEVITRA correctly, without all the dashes, asterisks, and other symbols mixed in.  Truthfully, if these drug companies were really wanting to help me, they should contact my family doctor and leave some samples there.  I am much more likely to trust him than someone named “exstasy111” or “hot4u.”

If you are the one that referred me to these companies, I hope you will let them know that I am not interested.  Though I enjoy getting emails, I would rather spend my time reading letters from my friends!



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3 responses to “Spam of the Day

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  2. Jim Mast

    Monty Python’s old “Spam” sketch takes on a whole new meaning in this day and age.

    What about the wristwatches? Don’t you get 3 or 4 ads a day for genuine replica wristwatches?

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