Pagan Christianity?? (part 3)

Ok, so here’s the wrap-up.

The bottom line is about values and heart, not form and structure in the Church.  I don’t ultimately care if the Church Universal or the church I go to resembles the first century church.  What I would like to see is the values and the heart and soul of what that early church had.  I believe that any church in any denomination or movement or stream can embody God’s desires for His Church.  Here’s some of what I think should be seen in the Church, based on what I see in the New Testament:

  • True relationships and community; the world will know that we are Jesus’ followers because of the way we LOVE each other.
  • True spirituality, worship, and encounter with God; this can happen with any style of music or brand of liturgy.
  • True Holy Spirit power to change, heal, and transform lives; believers who are being changed and those outside the faith being changed.
  • True embrace of the supernatural activities of God!
  • Leadership that is truly shepherding the church, not in it for themselves.
  • A love, reverence, and hunger for the scriptures as the primary conduit of God’s voice of revelation to us.
  • Emphasis on the kingdom of God, and Jesus will build the Church!

I hope to read the book sometime soon, but until then, let us all work and pray together for true life and vitality in the Church, whatever it looks like on the surface.


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