Desert Thoughts 2

(This is part two of a series started yesterday; more desert thoughts from Matthew 4:) 

Satan also tested Jesus’s sense of provision and protection.  He challenged Jesus to turn stones to bread when He was so hungry, and to demand protection in a place of danger (i.e. on top of the temple).

                                           desert-stones.jpg                 bread.jpg

This test was also a veiled accusation and test of Jesus’s Father, trying to lead Jesus to consider questions like “Why am I here, so hot and so hungry?  Why won’t God feed me here?”… And questions like “Will God really protect me if I go there?  Will Father really come through?”  Jesus rightly responded with scriptures that affirmed His Father’s faithfulness and that kept things in the right perspective:  First, Father always provides (Look at the context of Deuteronomy 8 from which Jesus quotes!), and I need Him more than food anyway!  Second,  I do trust my Father, so quit putting my Father to a stupid test!

Post completed tomorrow….


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  1. DOTR

    the road is long, and the valley is deep. but, keep pushin’ cause there is a peak.

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