Some Returns

Captain America is back! (Did you know he left?) Surrounded by a bit of controversy (among those who care about such things), the original Captian America (Steve Rogers) died some time ago in CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 . This past Wednesday (January 30th) a new Cap– a new guy in a new outfit, and carrying a gun, incidentally– finally hit the shelves! Now you’re curious, aren’t you? Check out details, the press, and read issue #25 on-line for free until February 11th by clicking here.

Rambo has also returned! And this time he seems to have a conscience… or something like that. This time around (though I haven’t seen it yet), John heads into a war zone in Burma to rescue some Christian missionaries who have been captured. Apparently, while he starts out trying to do something meanigful, it transitions into a big killing spree for Rambo… because what else would we expect from Rambo? Be forewarned, movie goers, this one is touted to be the most brutal and graphic of the series, and I would have to agree just based on one of the graphic trailers I watched. It raises some of those old questions about how much violence is justified in the name of something just; it doesn’t necessarily answer them, but it certainly shows one way of doing things. And, well, it may just be one of those good old shoot ’em up soldier flicks that guys like to watch… For a trailer, click on the link (not the graphic trailer mentioned above):


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