Up too late on Super Tuesday

Well, here I sit watching MSNBC hash out all the numbers as they come in. Frankly, it’s all still up for grabs at this point, and California just closed the polls. Could it be that the conventions may actually mean something this year?

Republicans: McCain may end up being the front runner (that’s what he thinks), but Huckabee has been strong in the Bible Belt and may be the 2nd place guy. But it may be too soon to count Romney out just yet. NBC is saying that McCain is taking California.

Democrats: They’re saying that Clinton is taking California now… but there’s only 15% in. (How do they figure that anyway?) Obama made a good speech tonight, but we’ll have to see who actually comes out on top.

The commentators say they’re not staying up all night; I’m not either. I’m not sure who to root for… not sure who has the most “righteousness and justice” kind of balance going on. There are things I like about more than one… Obama?…. McCain? Just not Hillary….

Any way you slice it, some things are changing. Barna reported that so-called “born again” voters are no longer favoring the Republican party overall. The Millenials seem to be starting to vote and weigh in. Religious issues have figured in a lot in this race this time, from Huckabee the Baptisit preacher to Romney and his Mormonism, and the press has been commenting on how stupid it is that Christianity is the one religion that people think it’s ok to pick on. Meanwhile, I think there’s a lot of people that are wanting to vote for what is real and important and not just stick to party lines and party platforms. It’s too late to think clearly, but I think there may actually be some “change” in the wind… just like there is in the rest of society and in the church.

See you in the morning….


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  1. Dustin Stamper

    check out this blog with cartoons! good stuff here, especially the election one: http://asbojesus.wordpress.com/

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