UPDATE 17: Jobs and Family and Facebook, oh my

An amazing job opportunity may be opening up for me, so pray that God’s will is done! Some guys from church have given me a referral and I may be getting a call soon. It’s a sales position in a huge, IT training company, and it’s hard not to wonder if this is what God is bringing about. Please pray!!

Tracy’s job is continuing to go very well, and we will start getting benefits February 1st! Noah is a voracious reader, and got an mp3 player for Christmas. Now he wants to do his homework while listening to Jesus Freak (by DC Talk), his new favorite song. Look out– we have a pre-pre-teen on our hands! Abbie is girly as ever, and bounces between Hannah Montana and Barbie and make-up and dolls. She has been on a good behavior streak (whew!) for a few days after a few weeks of heel digging; we do a “sticker system” with her and she loves earning little prizes for her stickers!

My Dad is continuing to recover well from his accident; thank you to all of you who prayed for him ad have asked about him. He is doing a lot of physical therapy to get his hand and body back in shape but is working again, and getting better all the time! Other family news: We’ve all mostly recovered (on one level) from the holidays and Grandma Hall’s funeral… my Mom is officially retried from Anderson University now, and loving it! My sister Bethany and I are actually doing a better job staying in touch (we’ve always been terrible at that)… Tracy’s brother Jeff has been downsized and is in need of a new job ASAP; any prayers would be appreciated. And I’ve heard that Aunt Carol is getting two dogs– huskies!

I’ve opened a Facebook account, and I’m going to try to revive my stagnant MySpace page, but we’ll see.

The Colts? Ummm… I don’t want to talk about it….


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