Random Cultural Thoughts 3: Pornogravity (and Going to Pot)

So I’ve noticed that something is very different here (in North Carolina) than in Indiana. About every gas station/convenience store you go to around here has a section of porn mags right behind the counter… covered up, of course, but quite visible, lest you not be tempted to consider buying some. At first I thought it was just one particular place, but then I noticed it at another, and another… I guess the standards or the laws or something are more relaxed here, or maybe I just never noticed such things so much in Indiana (probably not). In Indiana (and I remember in Ohio too when I lived there), somewhere along the way all that stuff got removed form gas stations and hidden higher on the shelves at Walden Books and Barnes and Noble.

Well I was at a gas station/store today, one I often go to because of location (and I like their cups for soda; they don’t get all sweaty and your diet Coke stays colder), and looked closer at the magazine rack that is NOT behind the counter, the one that you can’t help but look at as you walk in the door… and it dawned on me that most of what’s on that rack is darn near close to porn. I think someone sat down and figured out all the mags that have scantily clad humans on the front and ordered them all: Cosmo, car mags, fitness mags, something called “Shaved” (which I intentionally did not look closely at), and several I’d never heard of.

But then I noticed something else… down on the far right… Cannabis Culture? Seriously? Shouldn’t that be illegal or something? But there it was, a blatently pro-pot magazine ready for your purchase with your Coke Zero and your PayDay bar. Hmmm….

So, welcome to the world. And welcome to a new insight into the local culture of Raleigh, NC. Not only is this an issue for those not of our faith but a constant challenge for believers.

I think Jesus would want to hang out there, so I think I’ll keep going back, and keep my eyes peeled to see if I can see what the Father may be doing there….


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