I realize I have not blogged in over a month… life has been pretty full! I’ll try to give a brief re-cap:

  • Thanksgiving 2007: Abbie Grace started throwing up at 3:30 AM and so we spent the day taking turns sitting with her while the rest of the Fam was at a different house doing the Turkey thing. Not what we would have planned! We did spend some good family time the remainder of the weeked and so the day felt a bit redeemed…
  • Seems like we’ve spent the last month trading colds and other bugs back and forth around the family. We are ready to not be fighting sickness anymore! Father, let your kingdom come!!
  • Christmas 2007: We had a good Christmas, with the kids enjoying their gifts, and us too! It was good to see Tracy’s family again here; it’s been a few years since we saw them at Christmas. We didn’t get to see my immediate family (i.e. the Hoosiers) which was strange and kind of a bummer for us… my Dad is still recovering from his accident (though he is doing well) and not ready for travel, so hopefully we’ll get to see them sometime soon this new year. My Mom will be coming to visit this weekend so we’ll get to see them briefly.
  • Hanging over us (Christmas Eve on) however, was the news that Tracy’s grandmother was dying (she’d been sick for a long time). We did Christmas but started planning logistics for a trip to Pennsylvania. Grandma went to rest with Jesus early AM on December 27th and we left for PA later that day. We drove straight through and got in at about 4AM. The funeral and the time with family was very good… sad but also a great celebration of Grandma’s life… and a good time of re-connecting with family in PA. We hope to stay better connected moving forward and physically get together once a year or so…
  • Good news! Right before Christmas Tracy was offered a permanent position at the company she is working for (had been temp to hire). So this means a bit more $$ and benefits soon. God continues to provide…
  • Job for me? Well, nothing really zippy yet. Still been doing some temp jobs… I worked for Coca-Cola the week beofre Christmas and that went well (Coke thought so) so I am applying there; starting salary is strong and good benefits so we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile I will take a fresh whack at things with this new year and see what’s out there and if I can get any nibbles. I am overall ready for some fresh hope and fresh perspective, some fresh winds of what God is doing. God does continue to teach Tracy and I different things about trusting and about our own hearts as we walk through all this. Some of that’s nifty and wonderful, some of that’s, well downright yucky, when you consider some of the things that can come up out of your heart when you’re under stress. Good thing God is good and that He sees the BIG picture!!
  • If you are reading this, please join us in praying for a good and steady job for me, and for the income to be able to get our own place to live! Please pray for strength, for faith, for encouragement, for provision, and for vision!! Pray for good health for us all!!
  • May the Lord Almighty bless you all and keep you, and may He grant you favor and blessing and abundant grace in this new year!! Amen!!

Much Shalom, Brian


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