UPDATE 13: To be or not to be….?

Yep, that IS the question. I pause from flossing my teeth after lunch to tell you that I’ve been talking to a lady about a job possibility; she called me first about a month ago and then called again a couple days ago. Looks like overall it’s not a good match (for either of us, not the least of which is she can’t afford to pay what I need). But meanwhile, today, she starts telling me about how she understands the ministry thing, that she’s in ministry too, has been to seminary, travels around a preaches some, and has been to India and is prepping to go again. She wants to run a godly business, etc. etc…. We have a good rapport and understand each others needs, but it may just not be the thing. So we left it that I’d pray and think about it, and I would call her if I wanted to check out a job site with her tomorrow.

Next: I talk to Tracy (right after this) on her lunch hour. She posits that maybe what this woman needs is an office manager/assistant type person, because we have observed her to be overwhelmed and disorganized and trying to do too much. The more we talked, it seemed like more and more of a possibility that Tracy could be a perfect fit for this job in that role. Why not check it out?

So…. I call the woman back (ok, her name is Cathy). She was very interested in talking with Tracy, and may be hiring an admin person and is also looking for a marketing/sales person as well as the operations manager I talked with her about. (Are you following all this?) Cathy wants to meet with BOTH of us sometime this week, and wants to meet at her office an evening this week (after work for Tracy) so we can talk. One way or another, I may be able to work some side jobs for Cathy (it’s a cleaning company) and make some casholla that way if nothing else. Hmmmmm…..

Problem? Currently Cathy’s admin positions are part-time, and Tracy needs full-time. And, she apparently offers no benefits for anyone in her company at this time. My thought, if God is arranging all this, it will all work out! If this is meant to be, perhaps she can pay Tracy and/or me enough to purchase our own insurance policy.

So, that’s the scoop. Please pray for God’s favor, guidance, and wisdom!! Oh, and provision!! Not sure what’s up, but God seems to be doing something here!!

God is good– all the time!!


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