UPDATE 6: Here’s the Latest

Ok, here’s the latest on the details of the move to NC:

  • Tracy got a job!! Praise the Lord!! She starts Monday at Eye Care Associates and will be making decent money and will bring us all benefits! The drawback is that the benefits will take a good chunk out of her pay, but in a pretty typical way, I suppose. (Insurance just costs too much everywhere!) We are trying to decide how to handle all that, i.e. whether to take everything from them or supplement insurance from elsewhere, but it may all work out to be the same difference. What we really need is for me to be working!!
  • Just today, I got a call for an interview at Target on Thursday; this probably won’t be the big bucks job that will cinch us a good mortgage, but it could sure be something! Meanwhile I am still sending out resumes; I sent some today to some “social work” type of jobs that could be a good fit and be good paying. So we will see what God is doing….
  • So, WE NEED PRAYER that God will kick things up a notch and allow us to locate a house in time for Noah to get registered in school (in about 5 weeks). The deal is that we would prefer for Noah to be going to the same school as his cousins because Tracy’s sister will be providing childcare after school (and maybe before depending on how the work schedules all pan out). That won’t be possible from our current address, unless we apply for a transfer, which might work… but then we would be required to transport him back and forth to school; bussing will NOT be provided for him. That would of course potentially create a big problem depending on our work schedules… So– we are praying that God will provide in the next 5 weeks:

  • A job for me ASAP that will enable us to get pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • A house in the right neighborhood so we can register Noah for school.
  • Amazing FAVOR for us overall with transportation, work schedule, and financial issues so that Noah will not have to deal with changing schools mid-stream…

All of that seems a long-shot in the natural, but God can make it all happen… if that is what He’s doing!

  • In other news, I got to lead worship at a home group on Wednesday night, and it was wonderful!! We felt really good about this group and are planning on going back this week; and, we were asked to lead worship again! Tracy and I are learning LOUD and CLEAR that we have to keep WORSHIP pretty central to our lives or our perspectives are going to tend to be skewed. We have been studying the Psalms in home group and on Sundays, and it has been very, very rich!!!

Ok, that’s the latest! More to come! Please keep us in your prayers, and look forward with us to what God is going to do!!!!!

Love, Brian


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