UPDATE 5: Worship? Duh!!

Well I got my guitar out yesterday for the first time since I last played at the church in Greenwood (beginning of June?)… I had a busy day of sending resumes and focusing a lot on finding a job. I had about 10 minutes before my wife returned from Walmart, and I felt this prompting… hmmm… haven’t felt that in awhile… I like it!

So I get out the guitar and start to worship, singing Matt Redman’s “Let Everything”… it was like fresh life and water to my soul! From there I went to “You Never Let Go” and the words were hitting the bullseye in my spirit: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, your perfect love is casting out fear/Even when I’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life, I won’t turn back, I know you are near…. Oh no, you never let go/Through the tears and through the storm/Oh no, you never let go/In every high and every low… you never let go of me!” I had to stop to help bring groceries in, but the impact was made: why did I forget about worship?

Not that I haven’t worshipped in several weeks, because I have, both in church and on my own… But I haven’t worshipped, really let it rip, really sung my soul out, worshipped with my instrument, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it and how dry I was on the inside until I jumped in that sweet Pool again!!

I realized, and told Tracy this later, that Hey, wouldn’t it be easier to have faith and keep perspective in the midst of the season we’re in right now if we were really worshipping? Hmm… imagine that!

Well, we get to actually lead worship tonight for a home group, and we’re really looking forward to it. The leader said to “do what I normally do” and to keep them focused on drawing into intimacy with Jesus. Yep, that’s the ticket!

Regardless of what we face or have to endure in this life, may we always remember to worship– really worship— from our guts, expressive and extravagant, soul to soul and spirit to Spirit with God. First of all, our God is worthy of the good stuff! And second, true worship (the John 4 kind) is, like prayer, the breath of our souls. We only become more alive in God as we magnify and praise Him, worship Him and are intimate with Him. It is there we gain (or regain) our eternal perspective, hear God’s voice, and are healed and renewed. Duh?! I knew that….


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