UPDATE 3: JULY 7, 2007

Hi there! Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated; here’s the latest:

Tracy’s interviews have as yet not panned out; the one place where we thought she would get the job has not called her, and the HR person there said it may be awhile before a decision is made. Tracy did get another call back from the first eye care place she went to; they are very interested in her and willing to re-negotiate their offer in an attempt to get her on board. Meanwhile, Tracy has a different interview on Monday with a medical spa place, so we’ll see what God is doing there. I have been applying at several places for management type positions (Petco, Offiice Max, Radio Shack) but have not gotten anything yet. I may have a chance at an interview for the asst. manager position at Petco; I’ve talked to the manager there a couple times and she at least knows who I am and that I’m interested. Meanwhile we are waiting on the Lord! Overall, we have been up and down, some days more faith and perspective filled than others, some days more angst. But we know in the big picture that God is superintending everything!

Other stuff:

  • The kids are having a great time with their cousins, and it’s going well living with family.
  • We attended the vineyard home group in Knightdale last week, and we were very well received. We had a good time and they have great activities for the kids there! The group is off for a couple weeks and then we’ll be back. We also plan to check out another group on Wednesdays starting next week.
  • Met with Mike Nelson (Raleigh Vineyard pastor) last week; he is very supportive of us and I am enjoying getting to know him more. Tracy and I will continue to get more connected with the Raleigh church as we go along. I’m planning to connect with the worship leader here and see how we can be involved or help out; I keep missing him on Sundays! (It’s rumored that they could use more bass players… hmmm, I could do that!)
  • I met with James Bowman, the NC church planting coordinator, on Tuesday. We had a great meeting reconnecting and talking about resources to check out as we plan and prepare. We will be staying connected; overall, the plan right now is still to get settled and build relationships! Tracy and I will also be attending an area church planting conference in Rocky Mount (end of July); this will be a good time to meet other pastors and planter types around here.

Ok, I better go. We gearing up for a post-Fourth of July “Pie War” between all the cousins (cool whip pies). Then we hose them off and they go swimming! An annual event that we get to share in this time around!

I am trying to get caught up with emails; THANK YOU to all of you who have sent messages and prayers!! We will keep you all posted as the adventure continues!!

May the GRACE of Christ, and the LOVE of God, and the SWEET FELLOWSHIP of the Spirit be with you ALL!!! I love you all so much!!!



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