UPDATE 2: North Carolina Update– June 23rd

Hello from sunny North Carolina! It’s been a bit of a stressful week… here’s the latest:

Tracy’s second interview with “Eye Care Associates” on Friday went well. She still has to hear back from them, but she probably has the job. It would be full-time w/benefits for all of us, and some opportunities for advancement. We’ll see!

The Truck! Spent the AM unloading the moving truck into a storage unit in Knightdale (the city we plan to move into). Then we filled two minivans full of stuff to bring back to the house and fit in living space or the attic to have more ready access to. We have set up Noah’s bunk bed for the kids to share, and they now have their toy boxes again!

There is more stuff to sort through and decide where to put before we can bed down tonight… how does a family of 4 acquire so much stuff? And this after all the paring down and pitching…

Tracy and I were very tired and stressed some this week, and haven’t always been the nicest to one another (especially the I part of we). A big reminder to keep “first things first” and to watch for attacks agaist marraige and family. Things are better now, and we know we’ve been under stress… love does cover a multitude of sins! (Yea!!)

I got pretty emotionally out of whack on Thursday… depressed and withdrawn, frustrated… especially focusing on the whole job serach thing (cf. the not being the nicest person comment, above). Ater I finally shut myself in the bedroom and just prayed for a bit, I realized I was trying to be responsible and in control of everything, instead of letting God be God. After letting go of a lot I was able to listen to Father for awhile and journal… the bottom line is that I am not here to just “get a job” or “find a house” but to “plant a church.” My ultimate responsibility is to stay intimate with the Father and listen to Him, to do what I see Him doing… not get all fretful and try to make everything happen on my own! We are here for God and His mission, not for us…

I also learned (or was reminded) that I need to listen to the peace of the Spirit, and ot 2nd guess myself all the time… not that I’m infallible (ceratinly not) in sensing things along the way, but we all hear the Shepherd’s voice! I need to not get all hung up listening to other voices when the Spirit of God is saying something else… even if the other voices seem really smart or wise… true wisdom and knowledge begin with the fear of the LORD. That’s what I want!! Intimacy with the Father is it, Y’all….

In the midst of this, a conviction persisits that this whole “church plant” thing is going to happen more quickly and powerfully than what we have planned or anticipated… not putting any eggs in any particular basket… and we have to walk it all out and see what God will do… but I sense the Lord saying to begin preparing…. We’ll see! We’re along for the ride that God is driving!! Wa-a-a-hoo-o-o-o!!!

Please pray for:

  • provision, jobs, income, and insurance
  • encouragment and protection emotionally and spiritually
  • Grace to stay focused on the Lord and on the mission before us, and to not get bogged down in the details
  • Noah and Abbie: grace to continue to adjust to all the newness
  • a house in Knightdale! so we can get Noah enrolled in the right school from our permanent address, instead of having to enroll him and then change addresses/schools

I love you dear Friends and Family!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

May the grace of Christ, and the love of God, and the close friendship of the Spirit be with you all!!



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