UPDATE 1: Departure

Dear Friends and Family, Brothers and Sisters,

Yes, we are preparing to leave VCC and Greenwood for Raleigh, North Carolina. We are going there in preparation to start a new church in Knightdale, NC. Just made it through the emotional “surprise party” that several of you Vineyard folks threw for us (thank you!!!)… THANK YOU for all your love, hugs, support, and special gifts and cards!! Well, following are the details of what is coming next, but I plan to send all of you all email updates from time to time to keep you posted on what’s happening with us and the developments of the “new church.”

June 9-10th Our last weekend at VCC; I’m not leading worship but will be around

June 13th Our last Wednesday at VCC; Jim Bricker will be doing a “Vineyard Family Update” and will be praying for Tracy and I. This will be our “send off.”

June 14th Packing up the truck; We will spend the night in Anderson that night.

June 15-16th Leaving for North Carolina! We’ll drive halfway, then the rest of the way on the 16th.

June 17th Happy Father’s Day!

From there, we will stay with Tracy’s parents temporarily, until we find jobs and get our own place. We will be attending the Raleigh Vineyard until we are ready to launch the new. So, please pray for God’s guidance and provision, the right jobs and the right house, and God’s perfect timing!!

I cannot say enough how special to us all of you are… If we have missed connecting with you personally, please take no offense and know that we love you all dearly. Please stay in touch, and keep us in your prayers! We will always be family!!!

Love, Brian


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